Why do I need unique product descriptions?

Unique Product descriptions boost your conversion rates, boost SEO, and keep your buyers engaged longer with your web page

Hello everyone! In this article we will tell you why you need unique products descriptions in your online store, what metrics are affected by descriptions, and give examples of good and bad descriptions.

Buyers’ attitude to descriptions

87% of buyers confirm that product card content is important and influences on their purchase decision

85% believes that the description is the most important in the product card for making a decision

50% of buyers make a product return due to insufficient or incorrect descriptions and 54% of those who made returns are unlikely to return to that seller

SEO Impact

Also, product cards without a description are omitted or completely hidden from the search results – therefore, your customers are less likely to find you in the search results. It is important to pay attention not only to external but also to internal uniqueness – that is, it is not enough to write one description for all or several products. It is best to fill all the cards with unique and quality content. This is because the search engine will consider your store to be unique, of high quality, that is, it will notice your efforts to create something extraordinary.

If you switch to metrics, then a high-quality description of goods will affect:

  •  CTR growth
  •  SERP growth
  •  by the amount of organic traffic
  •  on the cost of an advertising campaign.

Descriptions to help you make a decision

It is important that the quality and richness of the text, in general, affect the conversion to purchase. If the user nevertheless ended up in your store, then there is a chance that he will leave without a purchase – after all, he will not receive answers to his questions, and you will not work on the objections and do not explain why you need to buy from you. If you are selling a non-unique product (which is perfectly normal!), then you need to differentiate yourself from the competitors: a good and informative product card is the best way to do it. High-quality text will help you sell your product without reducing price or keeping the price at the level of competitors and not losing customers.

Reduced support calls

As a bonus, informative product descriptions will relieve your support team – after all, users will already receive answers to their questions and reduce the number of returns – because your customers will more accurately understand what they will receive and their expectations will not be deceived.

What are unique product descriptions?

We mentioned several times that descriptions must be unique. What is a unique description? Uniqueness means no duplicates on the Internet. Both technical and semantic uniqueness is taken into account: that is, the order of words, phrases, and paragraphs, the location and composition of the lists are important. By the way, old life hacks for increasing uniqueness like changing 4 and 5 words to a synonym no longer work – search engines have learned to calculate such a low-quality rewriting.

You can check the uniqueness of the text through one of the services like: https://www.duplichecker.com/ or https://www.quetext.com/. Keep your uniqueness score above 65%. In conclusion, we suggest looking at examples of good and bad product descriptions.

Examples of good and bad descriptions

Bad description: “Buy fan Berlin, buy fan, axial”: it is just a set of keywords and phrases – therefore, the search engine will not display such texts. The user will not receive answers to his questions about delivery, functionality, and differences of this model from others.Good description: Below is an example of a description that was generated by our AI based on the characteristics and the

name of a product.

It is unique and well reveals the key advantages of the product. The length of the description can be easily adjusted to suit the characteristics of the category and store.

To summarize – well-written descriptions will boost your conversion rates, boost SEO, and keep your buyers engaged for longer with your products.

With the help of our service CopyMonkey, you can generate unique descriptions for any number of products, significantly reducing the time and resources for manual copywriting. You can find the Russian speaking version of CopyMonkey here. 

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