About the CopyMonkey team

We know that AI technology can help
eСommerce to create content faster, easier
and better.

That’s why we created CopyMonkey –
an AI tool that generates eСommerce content for any platform.

Our story

CopyMonkey is a European startup with a remote team around the world. We created CopyMonkey in March 2021 and one year later we made a product that is used by hundreds online stores, raised 2 rounds of investment and built a sustainable remote team.

Among our employees are the best Machine Learning specialists and developers from top IT companies, such as VK, MTS AI and Kaspersky.

Building CopyMonkey from
different parts of the world 🐵

What we care about

Our users ❤️
We aren’t just client-centered, but obsessed with clients' requests, problems, and pains.
Solving problems 🤖
Every day we ask ourselves: “How can we bring even more value to online stores?”
The Great Future 🚀
We want to be the #1 tool in creating all kinds of content for eСommerce.

Our team is growing