E-commerce Product Description: 8 Best Examples for Inspiration

product description 8 best examples

Having troubles writing your product descriptions, so wondering if there are lists of the best e-commerce product description examples to look at? If so, this is exactly what you are looking for – we have collected 8 amazing product descriptions for e-commerce and sorted them out based on their highlights – why exactly are they effective?


1. Jack Wolfskin


e-commerce product description jack wolskin example

Have you ever seen an e-commerce product description that feels like home, just as cozy and warm? Take a look at this one from Jack Wolfskin for their kid jacket. Choosing clothes for a child has never been easy: you want them to be warm, but not hot, comfortable but not loose, and so on. The friendly language in this example is working not only for brand positioning but also as a persuasive technique, which ultimately and inevitably raises conversion rates and increases customers’ satisfaction.


2. Patagonia


e-commerce product description patagonia example


Product descriptions for e-commerce do not consist solely of text. Another way to increase conversion rates is by adding high-quality images, which may be presenting your product better in more detail and better than any text in the world could ever do. An example of such a strategy is shown by Patagonia: their great use of images and videos is accompanied by a straightforward description. All together, they are forming a compelling duet, that is used to sell their outdoor clothing.


3. Sephora


e-commerce product description Sephora example


You probably have read about the importance of empathetic e-commerce product descriptions in our article “Writing Empathetic Product Descriptions: 7 Best Examples Explained.” If not – it is highly recommended, if yes – let’s take a look at one of the best e-commerce product description examples from Sephora. It is great because it is giving precisely what the customer is looking for — a sentimental inspiration story and fashion advice on wearing a product.


4. Lush


e-commerce product description example Lush



Seems like cosmetics brands are becoming an embodiment of the best e-commerce product description in our lists. The next one we are looking at is Lush, which decided to replace dry descriptions with what people are used to trusting – a customer review. Let’s be honest, is it not what you first are looking at when choosing whether to purchase a product or not?

In other words, in this example, Lush earns trust by speaking the customer’s language, which both shows that the product has been tested out by real people before and that this is indeed one of the best e-commerce product description examples in our list!


5. J!nx


e-commerce product description example J!nx


Every business has a special target audience, and when this audience has specific words or sayings, which will certainly be understood, do not hesitate to use them! A great example of this on-point use of slang can be seen in one of the J!NX’s product descriptions. By drawing a simile within the small joke about the World of Warcraft, calling a wallet a “loot storage for real-life treasures,” they not only address the target audience but gift them with positive emotions. And the latter, as we know, increases long-term conversion rates and customer lifetime value.


6. J&L Game


e-commerce product description example J&L game


Each day games are becoming more and more immersive and engaging, they are an instant source of joy, an activity for spending time with family, friends, or alone. J&L Game store decided to carry this unique gaming experience into their best e-commerce product description examples. They kept the technical characteristics of the controller, but also included the associated experiences below as an extra piece of information, making the whole description detailed but not boring, ending up with the greatest customer involvement.


7. Lego


e-commerce product description example lego



Getting through to kids has never been easy, and who knows this better than Lego? Disordered patterns, messy design, and vibrant colors in products do not lead to children’s hearts anymore. Instead, the attention is being brought to details – how does your Call to Action, for example, look like? On the official website, Lego is suggesting we not “Add to Cart,” because this is what the majority does, but “Add to Bag.” It might be an allusion to the storage of their products in customers’ homes, or a simple attempt to stand out and highlight their own uniqueness. Either way, this is an example of an indeed perfect pitch among our best e-commerce product description examples.


8. Dollar shave club


e-commerce product description example dollar shave club


We could mention this description by Dollar Shave Club using friendly language, evoking positive emotions, or incorporating jokes, but instead, we want you to bring your attention to their bullet-point structure. This way they are not only highlighting the benefits well but also making the description easier to read. While the text itself is not as digestible, and thus not as converting as infographics, for example, it has been proved that more space that bullet points provide increases conversions. More on the readability, white space, and general characteristics of a converting text can be read in our article: “How to Write Converting Content For eCommerce: 7 Tips.”

To write the best e-commerce product description, a person has to put a lot of energy and time into the process of writing the text itself and researching the competitors. 

Work not hard – work smart. This also applies to your employees, including content managers. Well-written product copy is effective and proven to be effective multiple times. To reduce the time and resources your business spends on manual copywriting, think about how an AI product description generator, like CopyMonkey, could boost the process of setting up a new item catalog, generating unique descriptions for an unlimited number of products.