How To Write a Good Product Description in 4 Simple Steps

how to write a good product description

1. pick your content creation approach There are plenty of methods on how to write a good product description in e-commerce that have their advantages and disadvantages.  Recruit a freelancer  The most obvious option, this person will do all the necessary work for you. However, the process of finding a professional is quite time-consuming, and […]

E-commerce Product Description: 8 Best Examples for Inspiration

product description 8 best examples

Having troubles writing your product descriptions, so wondering if there are lists of the best e-commerce product description examples to look at? If so, this is exactly what you are looking for – we have collected 8 amazing product descriptions for e-commerce and sorted them out based on their highlights – why exactly are they […]

E-commerce copywriting: 5 solutions with pros and cons

In the process of putting together an online store, sooner or later (most likely sooner), one finds themselves in a position where they enter the stage of product e-commerce copywriting or product descriptions in particular.  Whether this experience is new to them, the natural question like “what methods are more effective?” arises. How should one […]

Writing Empathethic Product Descriptions: 7 Best Examples Explained

A well-written product copy is an empathetic product copy. No “change my mind” line will follow because sympathy and reliability are what customers look for in every online store they visit.  Many factors come in a way when producing converting and empathethic product descriptions – dealing with our language and grammar, bearing in mind the […]

Ecommerce Content Optimization: Best Use For Your Content

Ecommerce content optimization is not easy. Depending on the execution, the process can help or hinder your conversion rate. If you do everything right, then you will immediately see the result in sales. For example, according to statistics, the first position in the ranking in Google increases 34.36% CTR. Product descriptions are important no matter […]

How to Build the Best Shopify Product Page

creating the best Shopify product page: step by step guide   Step one: download the products Everything here is simple and straightforward. Clear images and a well-written product description will go a long way, so it’s worth investing time and effort at this stage. Alternatively, you can use our plugin to generate descriptions for […]

Ecommerce Marketing Trends: 9 Most Promising Trends

1. Personalization One of these eCommerce marketing trends is all about customized suggestions for each of your users. This will help you easily to make up-sell and cross-sells based on individual product recommendations. 97% of marketers report the positive impact of personalization on their brand in the buying experience for potential customers.   Services for […]

How to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate: Best Practices

  How to increase eCommerce Conversion Rate? Conversion rate is a general concept that helps with calculating what share of users performed the targeted action. Conversion can be in registration, purchase, etc. You can also consider a narrower conversion for individual elements on the site: how many users clicked “more”, how many watched the video, […]

How to Write Converting Content For eCommerce: 7 Tips

When it comes to buying from an online store, even the busiest person will examine the features of goods from the inside out. The quality of the content for eCommerce directly affects conversion rates. Today, we will talk about the specifics and pitfalls of copywriting in e-commerce. Let’s find out what makes e-commerce copy engaging […]