Solving Problems on Amazon Seller Central: A Daily Struggle

Here are some quick tips that will give you the best chance of solving problems on your Amazon seller Central and getting a positive outcome from Seller Support.

Selling on Amazon can be a lot of work. Every day, sellers are bombarded with notifications about problems in their accounts which are costing them time and money. These sellers want to find solutions to these problems so they can focus on their business goals, but it often feels like an impossible task.

Don’t rely on them to tell you what to do

When you reach out, expect templated responses. Amazon support staff aren’t allowed to be helpful, you won’t get the answer you want. If you’re lost and don’t know what steps to take to get the ball rolling, research the issue off of Amazon. There are loads of supportive groups for Amazon sellers to be found online.

Once you know what needs to be done, you can tell the support team how you would like the issue solved or at least ensure you make the correct first move.

Be prepared with the correct info before you communicate with Amazon

Amazon has millions of customers hitting their sites every hour with around half of the trade done through 3rd party sellers – if you’re not ready with all of the information you need to get your case moving down the pipeline when you contact Amazon Seller Support then you’re going to be at the back of a very long line.

Make your case

Once you’ve got the answer on the steps you need to take to get your issue fixed and, very importantly, which department (or departments) need to be involved to get a resolution, it’s time to make your case.

This is where you’ll need to be very clear, concise and polite. Give details. Remember, the support staff are just people doing a job and they will appreciate it if you’re nice to them!

Remember – tell them what needs to happen, who the case needs to be raised with, who you need to speak to and what you need them to do. You’ll find that you’ll receive an answer much quicker.

Call, call, call!

When you’re sure you have got the case in front of the right eyes, persistent follow-up will make sure it carries on moving down the pipeline.

Call them to chase them up daily.

It takes time, it’s frustrating, but it’s worth it.

Have the right tech

A lot of the functions in Seller Central won’t work on mobile. If you’re planning a session to go toe-to-toe with Seller Support, make sure you’re signed in through a desktop browser or laptop.

Keep a level head

This is easier said than done, but try not to get angry at the support staff. They are following company policy and would most likely love to help you. It is frustrating, but taking out on them will get you nowhere. Treat them like they’re your customers.

Following these steps will help you to get the best out of Amazon Seller Support and, hopefully, reduce the number of times you’ll need to contact them and speed up your case resolution.If you are looking for support with Amazon Seller Central issues, you should check out Seller Candy. They have a team of experts who will make sure your account is running smoothly and efficiently. Click here to view their menu of services and see if your issue is on there.

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