CedCommerce and CopyMonkey help Shopify sellers generate Optimized Amazon Listing in seconds

We have amazing news to announce!

CopyMonkey has partnered with CedCommerce to help you improve your Amazon selling workflow. If you have a Shopify store you know how hard and time-consuming it is to transfer your products on Amazon. CedCommerce will help you easily upload your products to Amazon and get all the information on your orders. In its turn, CopyMonkey helps to adapt your product listing to Amazon format.

CedCommerce helps you to enable the ultimate seamless selling experience and directly sell the Shopify inventories on Amazon, without engaging through a third-platform or channel. Here are some features you’ll get: sync and track inventory in near real-time, and manage orders and shipments.

CopyMonkey is an AI copywriter for Amazon listing optimization. You can generate an optimized listing in seconds or evaluate existing listings with a smart AI audit. Also, you can accelerate your listings with copywriting A/B tests.

Now we work together to boost your sales from all aspects: get your 10% discount for the first 3 months CEDCOMMERCE10 and forget about difficulties in working with Amazon!