Affiliate Program

Show your audience the new way to create product descriptions using AI. Give them a special offer, and when they sign up the subscription you'll get 50$
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Intro is an AI tool that helps busy e-commerce owners generate original and SEO-friendly product descriptions. It saves time, money, and most importantly, it is a scalable way to go through thousands of product pages without spending a fortune. Even if the end result is somewhat raw, editing is about 20 times faster than writing from scratch.

We have a dedicated R&D team working on improving the quality of the generated output.

The product
Currently, our main product is a Shopify App. The business model is SaaS, where the new users will need to activate the subscription in order to start using the service.

The subscription price for Shopify store owners is 29$ monthly with a 2-day trial at the beginning (be warned, that we are testing our pricing plan, we can change the price in the future)

Affiliate offer details
We will pay you 50$ for every new user acquired. An acquired user is someone who installed the Shopify App and paid for the first month of the subscription.

Additionally, your audience will receive a promotion offer, 30% lifetime off of the subscription price.

Current average Conversion Rate from install to paying user - 24%

Leave your mail and we will give you a referral link
and the unique promo code

Who works with us?
Andy joined our program in September but his partner contribution has been phenomenal.

His CrazyShops agency works mostly with the beginner Shopify owners.

Andy managed not only to give 13 of his old customers a better and a cheaper way of creating Product Descriptions but he also earned $650 in one month by just introducing to his existing clients.
Andy's Success Story
He owns a Shopify Development Agency
  • You will have a dashboard with your affiliate results
  • There's no minimum balance for payouts. Payouts are made through PayPal only.
  • Payouts are made on the 28th of every month
  • Self-referral is not permitted
  • We reserve the right to change the terms of the program at any time, but we will warn you about the changes in advance
Our mission is to eliminate all the boring and most time-consuming parts of running an e-commerce business while maximizing its earning potential.

This is why we are aiming to roll out more features in the near future:

  • Content Score that would help our clients find product cards that don't perform well ~1 months
  • Ads copy generation ~2 months
  • Performance-based product description recommendations ~ 3 months
Future platform integrations:

WooCommerce (WordPress) in ~2 months